Mobile Stadium Seating - Austin, TX

We provide mobile stadium seating for venues and arenas. Our products are mobile, quality made, safe and fully adjustable to your venue's evolving needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

6 Row
Closed Dimension - 94"W X 59"D X 51"H
Open Dimension - 16' Deep X 8.75' High
3,527 lbs

9 Row
Closed Dimension - 94"W X 59"D X 102"H
Open Dimension - 24.5' Deep X 12.75' High
5,551 lbs

11 Row
Closed Dimension - 94"W X 59"D X 102" High
Open Dimension - 30' Deep X 13' High
5952 lbs

Load support of 1100 lbs per sq/m

It all fits in the Box. The seats, the rails, everything.

Yes, we can customize colors, sizes, logos, embossing, padding, material and more!

There are multiple access configuration options. Front, rear, side, even vomitory access.

All venues can be configured to meet the necessary ADA regulations and requirements.

The system requires a relatively level surface.


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